Concerns About Illegal Dumping

Since we launched this campaign on December 14th, more than 1100 emails and 1300 postcards have been written to our local politicians, telling them to vote YES for a new Nanaimo Recycling Exchange. One of the major concerns expressed in so many of these messages is this – if we lose the NRE, illegal dumping in our area is going to increase.

We share that concern.

Illegal dumping is a problem that the city and Regional District of Nanaimo already struggles with. If we lose the most convenient, affordable recycling depot in our community, where will those all those recyclable materials go?

Electoral Area C is most heavily impacted by illegal dumping. It’s a very large district that encompasses the inland rural and wilderness areas in Nanaimo’s “backyard” extending as far north as Qualicum.

We believe that a cleaner, safer, more-efficient Nanaimo Recycling Exchange that can recycle even more materials, particularly mattresses and furniture, can play a key role in reducing illegal dumping, in both the City of Nanaimo and the regional district.

(Photo by Chris Bush)

If you agree, email our local politicians today and tell them you want them to vote YES for a new Nanaimo Recycling Exchange.



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