A Thousand Words

The saying is true. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Or in this case more than six thousand.

Do you know who recycles at the NRE?

People drive up in beaters and in brand new SUVs. People bike in their recyclables, and a few even travel by public transit to drop off things they can’t recycle curbside. New Canadians from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America go there. Petroleum industry workers who work in Alberta but live in Nanaimo, drive through in big shiny trucks. Young mothers recycle with little kids in tow helping out, the way little kids love to do. Seniors on their regular chore days, come in once or twice a week like clockwork. Many folks arrive regularly from Gabriola Island, Lantzville, Nanoose and further away in the regional district. And hundreds of small business owners, the engine of our economy, flow through the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange every day of the week.

North Nanaimo satellite view
North Nanaimo
Central Nanaimo North satellite view
Central Nanaimo North

The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange has one of the most diverse user bases of any service in our region. NRE users come from every street in Nanaimo and every community in the regional district.

How do we know this?

As part of the Vote Yes NRE campaign we’ve been mapping each email and postcard response by postal code. It’s a huge undertaking, made possible by dozens of volunteers who transcribe the information from every postcard filled out on site at the NRE. We invite you to explore the map and see for yourself what 6000+ responses looks like.

Central Nanaimo South satellite view
Central Nanaimo South

This map continues to grow.

Our campaign is not over. It’s end of January. The NRE’s lease expires on March 31st. Time is running out. If you have not sent an email or postcard to our local politicians please do it today!

Click here to send an email to our local politicians today

When we showed this map to our local decision makers it made a big impression on them. We had 4200 responses mapped at that time. As we unveil this updated map, we sincerely hope that they understand the urgency of the situation. Now is the time come together and hammer out a solution that will allow the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange to continue to serve our regional district for decades to come.

South Nanaimo satellite view
South Nanaimo


2 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Remarkable work on this campaign for such an essential resource. Thank you for showing such leadership and determination to speak for so many of us who value the NRE immensely. Now, the civic leaders need to listen and act accordingly.

  2. We need an NRE in Nanaimo and Nanaimo North. Why is there no talk of this?? I cannot put everything in the garbage. Some of it is recyclable.

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