A new Nanaimo Recycling Exchange is within reach!

On February 18th we published a statement about the NRE funding proposal passed by the Regional District of Nanaimo Board of Directors. We sincerely apologize for publishing inaccurate information regarding conditions placed on that funding. We thought we understood the details of the proposal but we were wrong.

Sometimes being wrong is a good thing.

On Friday February 16th the Regional District of Nanaimo Board of Directors announced their decision to provide the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange with $300,000 funding per year over the next five years as part of the RDN’s new solid waste management plan.

This is good news. And it’s almost time to celebrate….almost.

While a commitment of $300,000 per year is a big step forward, and the RDN announcement acknowledges the important role of the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange in our community, this funding alone will not secure the future of the NRE or allow the organization to build the new facility that they require.

But there is a way forward.

If the City of Nanaimo commits to provide a similar level of funding as the regional district, the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange will be able to plan for the future and continue serving our community for decades to come.

Representatives from the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange will make a formal request to the City of Nanaimo for this crucial funding on Monday March 12th. Thousands of residents of Nanaimo have made it clear that they value the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange and the services it provides. We sincerely hope that our Councillors have listened.

It’s important to note that the RDN’s solid waste management plan is a draft, and the funding commitment to the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange, along all with aspects of the plan, is subject to public review. We strongly encourage you to go to https://www.getinvolved.rdn.ca/swmp and state your support for this plan. [Please note: you must register in order to comment.]

There are still hurdles to clear, but we are a giant step closer to the better, safer, more efficient Nanaimo Recycling Exchange that our community wants and deserves.


4 thoughts on “A new Nanaimo Recycling Exchange is within reach!

  1. If this program is no longer people, will start putting their recyclables into their normal garbage pickup and that goes into the landfill 🙁

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