March 12th: an important date for the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange

Mark your calendars! Monday March 12th is a very important date for the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange. Representatives from the NRE will make a crucial funding request to the City of Nanaimo.

As we reported previously the Regional District of Nanaimo board of directors has voted to provide $300,000 a year for five years to the NRE, beginning in 2019, as part of the RDN’s new solid waste management plan. It’s a solid step in the right direction but not enough to allow the NRE to move forward with building a new facility on their Kenworth Rd. property.

If the City of Nanaimo commits to provide a similar level of funding as the regional district, a better, safer, more efficient Nanaimo Recycling Exchange will be much closer to becoming a reality.

RSVP on Facebook today and please be there to show our councillors that we value our non-profit community recycling centre. Thank you!

Ilan Goldenblatt – Vote Yes NRE campagin
Ben Geselbracht – NRE Board of Directors
Jan Hastings – NRE Executive Director

Please note: These delegations were originally scheduled for Monday February 26th, but they are now scheduled for Monday March 12th.

5 thoughts on “March 12th: an important date for the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange

  1. This recycling center is necessary. So glad to live in a city that takes recycling serious and does a fantastic job of keeping recyclables from going to the dump.

  2. We cannot be without this facility! It is always so busy! It’s an integral part of keeping our city beautiful.

  3. I visit it twice a month and would be lost without it. My personal use alone keeps so much out of our “almost full” dump

  4. Nanaimo MUST have a recycling depot! Why do they have to beg for a facility?
    The world has to get smarter. It is 2018 !!!

  5. When you see City of Nanaimo pay for Granite signs on Oliver Woods community centre. Pay to have speed bumps installed only on select streets. To name just a few of the needless spending that goes on. This recycle facility actually has a real value to our community and should be put ahead of ALL the useless spending this city approves. GET IT DONE.

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