Nanaimo Recycling Exchange – what’s happening now?

The buildings may be gone, the lot may be cleared and leveled, but the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange is still kicking!

We have an update from the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange Society:

“Since closure, the NRE Board, Executive Director and community consultants have been working diligently to compile a business plan for construction of new zero waste recycling facility. Some of this information has been presented to the public, and to local government in various formats, and some is new. The NRE wants to share it with you.

The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange invites you to attend a public engagement session and preview of the business plan. We anticipate lively discussion, questions, and feedback. This NRE will then present the plan to council as part of the ongoing request for construction funds. Your input and participation is critical in making this proposal reflect the zero waste recycling needs of the community.”

Public engagement sessions are scheduled for Saturday May 26th, 10am-12pm in Room 1 at the Beban Park Social Centre, and Wednesday May 30th, 7pm-9pm in Room 8 at the Beban Park Social Centre.

Representatives from the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange will be presenting their business plan to Nanaimo City Council at the regular council meeting on Monday June 11th at 7pm.

Photo from the Nanaimo News Bulletin

4 thoughts on “Nanaimo Recycling Exchange – what’s happening now?

  1. BRING BACK THE NRE ( Nanaimo Recycling Exchange ) Used them for 15 years or more …… First experience recycling now that the NRE is gone. HORRIBLE! DBL only takes glass, cardboard and mixed paper…… plastics will costs you $5.45 to leave which you can do with a couple bags of garbage if you want even though you already pay for garbage…… Then it goes to the States FOR THE LANDFILL ! Had to phone around for plastics….. The Regional takes bags and soft plastics…. SO RUDE THERE !!! COULDN’T LEAVE FAST ENOUGH…… plus double the gas….. Don’t take half the plastics the NRE took (INTO THE DUMP IT WENT) “will not go back”……. MOST WILL GO TO THE DUMP NEXT TIME….. THIS IS SHAMEFUL….. The NRE is a huge loss not only to the environment but to the City, the RDN and the people and so much for the lifetime of the Dump. Big Corp Co. does not cut the mark.

    1. Right on Jeanette!!! It’s shocking what cannot be recycled, or what is difficult to recycle.
      NRE, I’ll be there on June 11th and will bring as many people as I can!

    2. Pretty sad when there is no place for plastic that it all goes to the landfill rather than keeping it separate so if a use comes up it can still be used . Business people still putting it out there into your kids world and smiling while they do it

  2. Without the NRE I am sure there is a lot more going to the landfill which hopefully will change if the facility is rebuilt.

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